We at The Boyd Team value the importance of generosity. We prioritize giving both of our time through community work and with our finances as given directly to worthy organizations.

Many real estate agents give closing gifts as a way to say Thank You! Our team does things a bit differently! As a thank you for allowing us to serve you, our team has decided to partner with six local organizations that we believe are making an impact in the local community. We would like to give a donation in your honor, to the organization of your choice. We invite you to take a look at these organizations; then, sit down and talk with your family, decide which place has meaning to you, and let us know where to send your donation! We are thankful for you and are happy to help you buy local, sell local and GIVE local.

If you don’t see your preferred organization, please discuss with your family some suggestions to send to us. Our desire is for you and your family to engage in conversation about generous giving.


Wounded Warrior Project


A child’s haven

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Shining a light on human trafficking and sexual exploitation


Miracle Hill of Ministries

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Greenville Humane Society


North Greenville University